Ville du Soleil Makry Gialos

Ville du Soleil, the place to stay when visiting Crete. Never ever have I experienced more heart-felt hospitality than at Kosta’s house! The four Villas are set on a hill, surrounded by about 1000 olive trees, overlooking the Libyan Sea. Each evening the sun sets over the mountains, I was sitting on the terrace, each evening, marveling at the beauty of this island.
I fell in love with Rosa and Pussycat…two kittens, too cute, living with Kosta’s. Well, I would have loved to take one of them back home, but I think, they are better off there. I think I would be better off there too, 320 days of sun a year. Imagine! I think, here it is “au contraire”, 320 days of fog, rain, cold….
Oh and the beaches, simply wow! Who needs the Caribbean, Seychelles or Maldives if the Cretan beaches are equally splendid? A lot of them are very remote and none of them are ever over-crowded.
And on the way to Ville du Soleil, there is this family selling organic fruits and vegetables on the street…and Raki! They are so nice and generous, and the stuff they are selling is very tasty and freshly picked.


our Villa


One of the many incredible beaches close by


Sunset from the Villa

Coniglio alla isi

Friday a week ago I saw this half side of a Swiss Rabbit at the Butcher’s and I thought: Mamma Mia, I never did cook rabbit myself, and my mom used to cook it and always made sure I got the nicest bits of it…
Can I do it too the same tasty way? Well, it was worth a try and I bought it and asked the butcher to cut it in 6 pieces, he has the necessary tools to do it properly, me not.
On the way home I bought fresh carrots, celery and tomatoes at the farmer’s store.
At home, I cut the veggies in small cubes/pieces (1cm approx).
In finest Cretan olive oil (better than italian, I swear) I did roast the rabbit first (no herbs or spices yet, just did flour the pieces before putting them into the very hot pan). After about 10 minutes I took the rabbit out and did roast the carrots and celery, then I did put back the rabbit and added 150ml Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (any other wine goes I guess, this is just what I had left from last night). I added some tomato purée and about 400ml water and half of a “Bratentöpfli”..that stuff to make gravy which now can be bought in a jelly kind of texture. Knorr, Maggi, all have them now.
Covered it and added the raw tomatoes after about 30mins. All in all I let it simmer at low temperature for about 90mins…and of course I added all my Cretan Herbs and Spices! So Andy my test person liked it he said…I served it with fried potatoes (left overs from the Raclette the night before), but I think mashed would be nicer as you then can build a gravy lake. Or Polenta goes certainly too. On the other hand, just a piece of wonderful bread works too…

Best Cretan Herbs and Spices

Cretan herbs and spices are definitely the tastiest I ever bought! Oregano and Thyme are my favorites. I use them for almost every dish that I am cooking. I bought them from a little spice shop up in the Cretan hills, and believe it or not, their taste is much more intense than spices from Italy or any other country.
The very cute shop of the Botano family has a wide variety of herbs and spices.