Coniglio alla isi

Friday a week ago I saw this half side of a Swiss Rabbit at the Butcher’s and I thought: Mamma Mia, I never did cook rabbit myself, and my mom used to cook it and always made sure I got the nicest bits of it…
Can I do it too the same tasty way? Well, it was worth a try and I bought it and asked the butcher to cut it in 6 pieces, he has the necessary tools to do it properly, me not.
On the way home I bought fresh carrots, celery and tomatoes at the farmer’s store.
At home, I cut the veggies in small cubes/pieces (1cm approx).
In finest Cretan olive oil (better than italian, I swear) I did roast the rabbit first (no herbs or spices yet, just did flour the pieces before putting them into the very hot pan). After about 10 minutes I took the rabbit out and did roast the carrots and celery, then I did put back the rabbit and added 150ml Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand (any other wine goes I guess, this is just what I had left from last night). I added some tomato purée and about 400ml water and half of a “Bratentöpfli”..that stuff to make gravy which now can be bought in a jelly kind of texture. Knorr, Maggi, all have them now.
Covered it and added the raw tomatoes after about 30mins. All in all I let it simmer at low temperature for about 90mins…and of course I added all my Cretan Herbs and Spices! So Andy my test person liked it he said…I served it with fried potatoes (left overs from the Raclette the night before), but I think mashed would be nicer as you then can build a gravy lake. Or Polenta goes certainly too. On the other hand, just a piece of wonderful bread works too…

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