Elafonissi Beach Southeast Creta…with ElafonISI Island

Stormy outside…I miss the sunny, lazy, exciting days last September in Crete. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is Elafonissi Beach. Fortunately, we stayed close to it, so we did either go before or after the crowds from the north visited. I think, in summer it is overcrowded, we were lucky, it was ok as it was.

The beauty is that you can walk in the shallow water over to Elafonisi Island, feels a bit like being Moses. The colours of the water are like the ones you find in tropical places, absolutely amazing to find this in Europe. I enjoyed wandering along the beach, or over to Elafonisi. Swimming, sunbathing, being lazy and forget about real life for a while!

There are some snack bars and a nice taverna where you can get all you need when hungry or thirsty and you can rent sunchairs and umbrellas for as little as 6€ a day for two. Funny enough, the Italians found that a rip off…scusi? In Forte dei Marmi I paid over 20€… For half a day!

What most tourists will never see because they drive back before it happens is the romantic sunset. It is definitely worth staying and watching it. And if you want to stay close, I can only highly recommend Villa Amygdalia…we stayed there for a week and I would return tomorrow if I could!

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