Chitarrine ai carciofi isilino style

Not only did I get bear garlic at the farmer’s market, I also bought a few cute little artichokes, the small purple carciofini.
They can be prepared in different ways, I decided to make them with pasta.
So I cleaned the little devils, removed the outer tough leaves, cut them in half and did squeeze some lemon juice on them so that they do not turn brown.
In a pan, I heated my wonderful olive oil de Provence and added the artichokes and a few fresh garlic gloves. I did stir them until they started to get a brownish color, then I added 50g of bacon cubes and continued to fry the mix for 2-3 minutes.Then, in a glass I mixed about 1 tbl spoon of tomatoe puree with 2dl water and added that to the pan….careful, it may splash all around your kitchen..well, it did in mine:-)
I added salt, pepper and of course my Cretan Oregano, then lowered the temperature to a minimum, covered the pan and let simmer the artichokes for 10 minutes. I did add some more water, just to make sure they would really turn soft and not remain hard and bitter.
In a separate pan I did bring water to boil, added salt and the Chitarrine (kind of Spaghetti), of course, any other type goes too. And, never ever add oil to the water in which you cook your pasta, this is a no-go!!
After 5 minutes the pasta was perfectly cooked al dente, I drained the water and put the pasta into a large bowl, I added some chopped fresh italian parsley to the artichokes and topped the Chitarrine with them.
This is really a fast and simple recipe, and it is really very tasty!


Fry artichokes with olive oil and garlic. Don’t buy cheap olive oil, extra native has its price but is worth it. It just tastes much better


The pasta is close to “al dente” and the veggies ready.


Et voilà…simple, fast, tasty.

My wine recommendation to accompany this dish:

Chianti Classico Riserva Il Poggiale di Castellare

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