A sunday afternoon stroll through the old town of Stein am Rhein

Sunday, they stole 1hr of my beauty sleep last night! I feel crackered, only after a strong coffee I feel a bit better. Time to get some fresh air, it is a beautiful sunny day!
After a drive along almost unknown paths (highway is faster, ok, but then you miss villages like Niederwil, Oberwil, Neunforn, Stammheim etc.) we got to Stein am Rhein. Of course, we were not the only ones with that brilliant idea. But we found a parking spot right at the entrance of the old town. Stein has lots of nice restaurants, coffee shops and a variety of very special vintage shops for garden and house. And the nice thingis that all shops are open on sundays too! A rare fact in Switzerland:-)

The town has a well-preserved medieval centre, retaining the ancient street plan. The medieval part of the town is now a pedestrian zone and many of the medieval buildings are painted with beautiful frescoes. Here are some pictures I took. And if you should get hungry, there are a lot of nice restaurants specializing in fish plates along the river Rhine.






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