Spinach Pie..isi-style σπανακόπιτα (spanakopita)

I love the Greek Spinach Pie, however, it is very fat. Okay, it is healthy olive oil, but still, sometimes I prefer a lighter version. So I have hidden in my test kitchen and out came this pie without Feta but instead with Italian Ricotta. And I used less olive oil or butter.

1pack of Phyllio pastry (filo)
500 g fresh spinach, blanched and drained very well, should be dry before using. Yes, you may use frozen one, but treat yourself to fresh one.
250g ricotta
Oregano, thym, nutmeg, aniseed, lemonsalt or regular salt, pepper, dried chili
20 g butter, melted

Preheat oven to 180c.
Chop the spinach and mix it with the ricotta, add all the herbs and spices to your liking. You can use different ones, however use the aniseed, it gives the pie the special flavor.
The filling should be quite dry. You may also add finely chopped and sauteed garlic and onions, I simply forgot to add them:-)



image                  image

Now comes the tricky part: unfold the phyllio pastry without totally breaking the layers. There is different options, the easiest is to flat the pastry out, evenly spread the filling and roll it like a roulade, butter the top with melted butter. After baking, you can cut it in pieces of 4cm each.
Or you cut the pastry in squares, add the filling, and fold it to a triangle (“glue” it with melted butter), then backe.
Me of course chose the difficult option using a square pan. I used a non-stick pan, so no need to grease it. I put 2 layers into the pan, and buttered them, then spread the spinach-filling onto the pastry, folded in the overlapping pastry and covered the filling with 3 more layers, then buttered just the last layer on the top. Never mind if the layers brake, during baking and then when you cut the pie in pieces it will get messy anyways.


Baking time is 20mins and I served it warm with a tomatoe-cucumber-rucola salad. Greeks serve it cold, that is also an option, I prefer it warm, probably the Swiss in me:-)

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