White Espresso Ice Cream


Here’s the disclosure of my secret: the reason why I produced invert sugar is my ice cream production. Its ability for controlling crystallization and creating a smoother mouth feel in these products is the main reason why it is used in the first place. Invert sugar gives ice cream a very smooth, creamy texture. It can be used to produce ice cream and sorbets with or without eggs. The following recipe is based on a combination of various recipes I read plus adding my own ideas.

2 handfull of very strong espresso beans
70ml invert sugar (else 140g caster sugar)
250ml milk
500ml cream ( not the diet stuff)
4 egg yolks
Vanilla bean

Roast the beans in a pan for a few minutes, add the milk and 250 ml of the cream and heat to approx. 90c. Add the vanilla. Let cool, put in fridge over night.
The next day, stir the mixture, add the remaining cream and heat again to 90c. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks and the sugar for about 10mins until you get a white creamy foam.
Let the milk/cream mix cool down a bit. Use a sieve to separate the beans from the liquid, pour the liquid into the egg/sugar mix, stir well. Heat this mixture to 80c until it becomes a creamy texture, don’t overcook, else you get scrambled eggs!
Let cool completely, best is to put the mixture back in the fridge once it is not steaming hot anymore. Now, sieve that mixture again before pouring it into the ice maker to make sure no lumps make it into the ice cream. My ice maker took about 40mins until I got a nice, creamy, soft, frozen ice cream. I put it in a bowl and into the freezer.

The ice cream remains almost white as in this recipe, because I used just the coffee beans and no liquid coffee.

Served with fruit and chocolate covered coffee bean.

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