Refreshing Mousse au Chocolat…yes, that exists!

@Lindt has released a new chocolate bar with an exotic taste: #Lindt Excellence Lime Intense Dark. A very refreshing new taste. I thought, this would probably make an unusal dessert.
So here’s my super-isi recipe:

You need however a Kisag “isi” Whipper or a regular Kisag Whipper, else it won’t work. And yes, they are really called isi!:-) they even stole my URL!

Ingredients for 4 servings:

100g Lime Intense Dark Chocolate from Lindt
2dl liquid cream
20g confectioners’ sugar
0.25dl very strong coffee (me Darkan from Nespresso)

In a Bain-Marie melt the chocolate slowly adding the hot espresso, stirring well, once fully melted, add sugar and half of the cream, stir until lumps are dissolved, add remaining cream, stir well.
Put the mix through a funnel into the Whipper. Screw on 1-2 isi cream charger(s) and shake vigorously. Refrigerate for at least 12hrs.
The mousse is really very light and refreshing as no eggs or gelatine are added. If you like dark chocolate and the taste of lime, this one’s for you!
Thanks @Lindt for another great invention from the #maître chocolatier, even if produced in France:-)



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