About isilino

I am a passionate traveler, and I love all about food! Travel is my profession too. I used to work for a great airline the past 28 years and am now starting a new adventure: we are building a boutique guesthouse in Nizza Monferrato, Province of Asti, Piedmont, Italy.  Opening is planned for Spring 2019.

So I love to travel and discover new, different places…far away countries, but also those around my home. I am lucky, I live in the center of Europe. Only a few hours in a plane and I am in a different world it seems sometimes.
I love to learn about the cultures, the mentalities and of course I want to eat and drink local. Buy local food is a hobby, my suitcases are definitely full of food when coming back home.
So, do I have a favorite place? I would say, yes, more than only one…actually, too many to list here!
I have seen so many nice places but there are still many more to be discovered! So my list of favorite’s is getting longer and longer!

What is peculiar about me? Don’t laugh, but I love discovering unusual places where to stay. I love Hotels, not the Hilton’s and Sheraton’s of this world, but the really outstanding places that do not necessarily have 5 stars and cost a fortune. No, the ones that either are outstanding in their service and/or have special rooms, are hidden gems, former Churches, Castles, Monasteries, Mills…my blog tells you more about those places I have been visiting.

I am fluent in German, Italian, French and English, so when you contact me or want to comment my blog, the choice is yours.

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