The making of….bear garlic tagliatelle

My pasta maker…has spent a few years unused and today I thought it is time for a revival.
Yesterday, I have bought the first bunch of bear garlic of the season. I usually use it to make pesto with it, same recipe as with basil, just without garlic as it is garlicy enough.
Today, I used part of the chopped bear garlic for the pasta dough.
200 g flour Italian style 00
2 eggs
1 pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of extra vergin olive oil
1 tablespoon bear garlic chopped

Place the flour on a table, make a well in centre and crack the eggs into it. Add salt, olive oil and bear garlic. With a fork, stir the eggs, salt, olive oil and 1 tablespoon of finely chopped bear garlic until smooth. Now comes the fun part. With your fingers add flour to the mix, incorporating little at a time until you get a dough, it takes time, then, knead it at least for 10 minutes, this will develop the gluten in the flour, else the pasta will be flabby and soft, it will never be al dente!
Cover the dough well and store it in a cold place for one hour.

Now comes the pasta machine:
Cut small parts from the dough, roll them through the widest setting first, then smaller and smaller until it has reached the narrowest. Some people do use the narrowest setting right from the beginning, but in reality, it would be better to go step by step. It takes time and patience. Then roll the dough through the shaper of your choice. This time, the tagliatelle shaper. Then let the pasta dry. Since I have no fancy pasta dryer, I just spread them on baking paper and let them dry in the air.

Cooking: in salted water, if fresh about 3-5 mins, if you let them dry a few days/weeks 11mins, until they are al dente. Serve with any kind of sugo.


Flour and eggs


The dough


The production