Rhubarb Tart √† la mode d’isi

Spring time brings back all the healthy fruits and veggies. It has been a long wait until we got asparagus, strawberries and rhubarb back! Today, I bought all of them! Asparagus directly from the fields, the rest in the supermarket.

Here’s my rhubarb recipe, a tart, slightly modified from regular recipes.

800 g rhubarb, washed, peeled and cut in cubes/bits
1 tart dough (me: Butterkuchenteig Betty B.), any other goes, home-made would be preferable, but I have no time for doing one myself today
2 eggs
2 tbl spoons sugar
2 tbl spoons lemon juice (me: freshly squeezed Amalfi Lemon juice)
1 tbl spoon cinnamon
1 tea-spoon vanilla sugar
1/2 cup sour cream
1.5dl cream
2 tbl spoons condensed milk out of the tube (not the liquid one)
1/2 tea-spoon cornstarch
2 meringues
1 tbl spoon desiccated coconut
(Boring alternative to cocoa, meringue and coconut: ground hazelnut)

In a bowl, marinate the rhubarb with the sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon and vanilla for at least 1hr. Cover it and let rest in a cool place, but not in the fridge.

image image

Heat the oven to 210c. Extend the dough in a baking pan of 26cm in diameter. Make thousands of little holes in it with a fork, cover the base with cocoa powder, coconut and the finely crushed meringues ( crushing them is simple, put them in a little plastic bag, close it firmly and bang on it with your fist a few times, et voilà: crushed meringues)!
Meanwhile, the marinated rhubarb has developed a nice juice, drain it into a glass.
Place the rhubarb bits on the dough and distribute evenly.

For the topping, beat the eggs into a shaker, add sour cream, cream, condensed milk, a bit of the rhubarb juice and cornstarch (which you have dissolved in a bit of the cream before adding it to the mix n the shaker. Now shake well, like the handsome bartender did in the movie….
Pour the topping over the rhubarb, sprinkle some cocoa on the tart and off it goes into the oven.

Baking time is approx. 35-40 mins. Watch it closely!
Remove from oven and let cool. Enjoy with a cup of coffee and friends! You can use the remaining rhubarb juice like a syrup and add water, or use it as sweetener for your tea. Yummie!


Fior’ di Panna..isi-style

Vanilla-Lavender Ice Cream

250ml milk
250ml cream
3 tbl spoons dried lavender flowers
Seeds from 1 vanilla pod
50g sugar

In a pan, slowly heat all of the above ingredients including the vanilla pod, stirring occasionally. As soon as you see bubbles on the edge, remove from the heat and set aside 20 mins, then place the pan in the fridge until the mixture has completely cooled off. Then remove the vanilla bean and the lavender. Follow instructions of your ice maker now. Mine needs a cooled pot, then I let the machine stir the mixture until it starts turning into ice cream, approx. 45 mins.
Very simple recipe, very different taste. If you do not have an ice maker, put the mixture in the fridge, stirring it every 30 minutes until the texture is creamy and frozen.
I don’t use eggs in this recipe on purpose, call me overcautious…but the difference in taste is minimal.