Lemon Ricotta Bundt Cake


It’s been a while since I posted a recipe, although I have been baking and cooking a lot. The construction of our Guesthouse just keeps me very busy, so I just posted pictures…shame on me 🙈

I bought some beautiful small sicilian lemons these days and thought I‘d make a lemon cake for the guys whp work hard every day atthe construction site🏗

Ingredients for a Bundt cake of 24cm

400gr Ricotta

400gr flour 00

4 eggs

200gr sugar

100ml lemon juice

16gr baking powder

20gr vanillasugar

Lemon zests


Juice of 1/2 lemon

80gr icing sugar

My Kenwood Chef, meanwhile 12 years old and going strong does all the work for me:

First whisk eggs and the sugars at highest speed for about 6 minutes until you get a smooth cream. Add the drained fresh ricotta (I use cow milk) and stir at medium speed until well amalgamated. Now add the flour, baking powder and lemon juice and zest by turns until you get a sticky batter

Grease and flour your bundt cake pan, add the batter and bake for 60 minutes at 180c in the preheated oven (static).

MLet the cake cool, meanwhile prepare the icing (add more icing sugar if needed to obtain a sticky white icing). Sprinkle over the cake…et voilà, the cake is ready to be eaten tomorrow morning! 


Home-made Lemon Curd

It is foggy outside, the sun hides since days…what’s the best way to substitute it? Exactly, home made lemon curd, it is a quick and easy recipe!

For about 200ml

3 organic lemons
112 g caster sugar
3 free range very fressh eggs (1 whole, 2 yolks)
50 g butter, unsalted, cold

Zest the lemons into a heavy-based pan and combine with sugar, rub together with your fingers or a spoon to release the oils. Then squeeze the lemon, you need about 110ml juice.

Whisk the eggs into the sugar and put the pan on a low heat, stir continuously with a wooden or rubber spoon, slowly adding the lemon juice, little by little. Stir gently for about 10-12 minutes until the mass is as thick as a vanilla custard. Turn off the heat and set the pan aside for a few minutes. Cut the butter which you only take now out of the fridge into che bes.

Put the pan back on the still warm stove and now add the butter, little at a time, continuously stirng again until the butter has melted and the curd is very smooth and silky.

Immediately transfer to sterilized jars. Keep cool and dark. Once opened keep in fridge.
The recipe also works with Oranges! 2 will give you 110ml juice.


Refreshing home-made Lemonade

This recipe is so simple and done in less than five minutes! I just have to share it with you, there are more hot days to come this Summer, get prepared!

2 lemons, organic (me from Sicily)
2 tablespoons invert sugar or regular caster sugar or honey
Some mint leaves, I took Moroccan and lemonthym
1lt cold water

Wash the lemons and cut them in pieces, remove pips
Put the lemon pieces together with the sugar and water in a blender.
Blend for 1 minute, pour the juice through a sieve into a jar, add the mint leaves, stir and refrigerate!
Simple, isn’t it? Could also be used to mix a drink, lemon mojito? Lemon Bellini? Margarita? The choice is yours….



Cracked Lemon Cookies-i

You know by now that I love lemon, I saw this recipe and thought I try it by adapting it to my own version. Well, ok, the cookies looked a bit different from the ones in the recipe, but, my test person Andy told me: it is essential for them to taste delicious, not if they make a “bella figura”. So here we go, I wrote below recipe considering a few corrections, so in order for your cookies to turn out “belli e buoni”!



200g soft butter (not heated/melted..remember what my Daddy told us?)
300g granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 lemon, 2 teaspoons zest, 6 tablespoon juice (me:Juicy Amalfi Lemon)
1 cl Mastika (optional)
Vanilla seeds (I bought this vanilla mill, really useful and less a hassle than scraping out a vanilla bean)
350g all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon of  baking powder
1 knife point of baking soda
Powdered sugar (about 50-100g)

The making of:

To start with, heat the oven to 180c. Place a baking paper on a baking tray. Pour the powdered sugar in a soup plate, set aside.
My Kenwood Chef now came into action, first I mixed the butter and sugar until it got a fluffy texture. Then, I added all the ingredients up to the Vanilla and let the Chef mix very well for a few minutes.


Then, I added the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder and soda. Mix until you get a dough.
The dough remains quite soft, its texture is between a dough for muffins and one for bread.
Now comes the fun part, hope you don’t mind to get your hands full of sticky dough (yeah, wash your hands first, dry them very well, remove all jewellery and put some powdered sugar in your palms). Now, the recipe I read said to take a good tablespoon full of dough and roll it in the powdered sugar. Which I did, but they turned out quite big. So my recommendation is: take half a tablespoon full of dough out (maybe the size of a walnut), roll it in the sugar and put it on the baking sheet. Make sure to not place them too close together, else they will stick to each other. Maybe you will need two baking trays.


Bake the cookies for 11 minutes until golden brown. When you remove them, they are still very soft but will harden when they are fully cooled down.
So, yours hopefully turn out better looking than mine, which were “brutti ma buoni”!



Easter Goodies…Lemon, Lavender, Yogurt


Facebook-Likers,  this one’s for you:
The Easter Goodies are not based on any recipe, they are my invention. The recipe is for a pan that holds 12 small muffins or gugelhupfs. The idea is to bake small cakes which you can serve with coffee and/or ice cream. They are done in less than an hour.

1 Amalfi Lemon ( any other goes to, if small ones, use two), zest and juice
150 g sugar
2 eggs
180 g flour
60 g butter
1/2 Vanilla bean
150 g greek yogurt (me:0% fat, you: whichever you prefer)

For the syrup
1 teaspoon dried lavender flowers
40g sugar
Lemon juice

Preheat the oven to 180c.
For the dough, mix eggs and sugar until you get a creamy texture, add butter (not melted, just taken out of the fridge well in advance and cut in pieces), continue stiring the mixture, add grated lemon zest, juice of half a lemon (or of an entire if using a small one) and the yogurt. Scrap out the seeds of the vanilla bean and add to the mixture, stir until smooth and then add the flour. The dough remains pasty. Fill the moulds 3/4 full and bake for about 25 minutes.
Meanwhile, heat the remaining lemon juice, adding the sugar and lavender. Bring to a boil until the sugar is melted and you get a syrup. I left the lavender flowers in the syrup, some flowers would then stick to the cakes. If you don’t want to eat lavender, sieve the syrup.
Don’t let it cool, leave the pan on the stove until the Goodies are done in the oven.
Take the cakes out, switch off the oven, close the door. While the cakes are still hot, coat them with the syrup using a brush. In addition, I made little holes in the cakes with a toothpick so that the cakes are soaked with the syrup.
Take the cakes out of the moulds, place them on a heat-resistant plate and put them back in the oven for 10 more minutes, take them out again and coat them with a second layer of syrup. Let cool before you eat them all at once 🙂


Amalf-isi Lemon & Almond Cake

One more, then I stop baking for a while. Next week will be busy and the week after I will finally be in Greece again…for work, but still looking very much forward to it, I will do a weekend “add-on”, stay tuned for my next travel report:-)
Ok, back to baking! Remember? I was at the Farmer’s Market and bought those fantastic lemons from Amalfi, so now they needed to be used, else ….
This is a recipe which could also be called: throw into the dough whatever you have left over from former baking/cooking
Me I used
120g sugar, white raw
3 eggs
100g butter
100g grind almonds
2 lemons, zest of 1, juice of 1 for the dough, juice of the 2nd for syrup
Vanilla sugar
125g blanc battu (nature yogurt, cream cheese works too)
1 teaspoon baking powder
170 g flour
2 tablespoons of sweet condensed milk (optional, I just had to finish that one too)
20g powder sugar

Pre-heat the oven to 180c.
Blend the sugar and eggs until creamy, add the soft butter in small pieces, stir until smooth, add lemon zest, juice of 1 lemon, condensed milk, blanc battu, stir again until smooth, add almonds, stir again, add flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar, stir again until smooth. The dough remains moist and fluffy, that’s okay, don’t worry!
Prepare a cake pan of aporox 28cm long, if you use those silicon-wonders, no need to butter it, if you are traditional like me, use baking paper to avoid the cake sticking to the pan.
Pour the dough into the cake pan, shake it softly so that the dough is evenly distributed. With a sharp knife, make a cut lengthwise in the middle of the dough, that will make it look very nice:-)


Bake in oven for 55-60 minutes, use a toothpick to test if the cake is done..it will be, as soon as no more dough sticks to the toothpick.

Mix the lemon juice with the powder sugar and bring it to boil in a small pan, it should end up being a syrup. Then, remove the cake from the oven, let it cool a few minutes. With a toothpick or knife, make holes in the cake and drizzle the syrup into the holes and over the entire cake.
Let it dry in the pan for a few minutes, then remove the cake from the pan and let it cool.
Eat it today or tomorrow or in a few days, this cake remains fresh for quite a while.


Lavender & Lemon Muffins

On the farmer’s market in Nice, I had bought dried lavender and I thought it would be nice to use it for making my own soap or so. Instead, I ended up using it in the kitchen. A few weeks ago, I made Fior di Panna ice cream with lavender. Was that ever yummie…recipe will follow in summer:-)

Yesterday, I found lemons from the Amalfi coast at the farmer’s market in Oerlikon. I could of course not resist.

So today, I tried to make a sweet fusion of lemon and lavender, trying to keep it very simple.

Here’s what I did:
Mix 130g white flour with 2 tbl spoons lavender (dried) a pinch of salt and 1 tea spoon of baking powder
In another bowl, I mixed 150g brown sugar with 1 egg and 40g warm, soft butter. I stired it until it was smooth. From 1/2 lemon I grated the zest and added it to that mixture. As well as the juice of half a lemon. Then I added approx 1dl of cream, could also be buttermilk.
Then, I added the two mixtures together and made a dough, it remains quite moist.
The mix made 8 muffins (regular cups) which I baked for 33mins at 180c.

The other half lemon could be uced as icing, mixing the juice with lots of caster sugar. However, given the fact that it soon is bikini time, I decided to avoid more calories.
The other half is currently being caramelized in the oven at 100c, cut in slices and topped with just a bit of caster sugar. Might be a nice decor for a dessert later in the day…


And the caramelized lemon slices look quite ok too: