Sunken Pear Cake

Since I live in two apartments cooking and baking has become a bit of a challenge. Where I have a full kitchen and all amenities I usually only live 2-3 days a month…and alone…so it’s not much fun to cook for one person.
And where I live with my partner, the kitchen is more a kitchenette with little opportunity to make big meals.
But today on the farmers ‘ market we found these delicious mini pears and I just had to try and bake this cake!


Ingredients for a baking pan of 22-24cm diameter

100gr butter unsalted
75 g caster sugar
2 eggs
300-400 gr pears cut in tiny slices
1 tbl spoon lemonjuice
10gr vanillasugar
1/2 tsp baking powder
125g flour , me 00
2 tbl spoons sugar

Butter for the pan


Heat oven to 180c
Butter the pan, set aside
Slice the pears and put them in a bowl, mix with lemonjuice and vanillasugar to prevent them to become brown

In a separate bowl, beat butter with a mixer until it forms little tips, then add sugar and continue to beat until smooth, add the entire eggs and stir until the batter becomes smooth, now add baking powder and flour and mix until the batter is well amalgamated. Add the pears and stir until the pears are all covered with the batter, pour into the baking pan and distribute evenly. Add some sugar on the top and bake for 30-35 minutes. It probably will turn out a bit nicer in a real oven, but it smells nice coming out of that small oven:-)


Let cool and enjoy with a cup of real Italian Caffè!